Direction field and slope field- quiver

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Anand Ra
Anand Ra on 26 Nov 2021
Commented: Anand Ra on 30 Nov 2021
Looking for some help to generate slope field for the below differential equation
% dN/dt = (b − a ln(N))N
%Case 1: b<a
dN=(b - a.*log(N)).*N;
Note sure how to fix the above. Any help would be appreictaed. Thank you.
Anand Ra
Anand Ra on 29 Nov 2021
Hello Shivam, thanks for responding.
Its suppose to be N ( r=N). My bad, sorry for the typo.

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Answers (1)

Shivam Singh
Shivam Singh on 29 Nov 2021
Hello Anand,
“quiver (X, Y, U, V)” plots arrows with directional components U and V at the Cartesian coordinates specified by X and Y. So, if you have a function Z = f(X, Y) with two independent variables X and Y, then you need two directional components, U and V as U = dZ/dX and V = dZ/dY to create a slope plot or direction plot.
Currently your code has only one independent variable 't' and a single directional component dN/dt.
For more information, you can explore “quiver” function.


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