Extracting closed contours of streamfunction

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Emmanuel Rongmie
Emmanuel Rongmie on 24 Nov 2021
Edited: Emmanuel Rongmie on 25 Nov 2021
I have 2D streamfunction(x,y). I would like to know how can I extract closed contour of streamfunction only without providing threshold. And obtain the rough radius of the circle with centre
Thanking you

Answers (1)

KSSV on 24 Nov 2021
Emmanuel Rongmie
Emmanuel Rongmie on 24 Nov 2021
Yes I would like to extract only those circular streamfunction contour which are indicated. Basically it will be having three circular contours only and the contours which are not circular should be removed.Applying theshold would produce contour that are not circular so I avoid threshold.

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