Neural Network Confusion Matrix

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Lucas Frank
Lucas Frank on 21 Nov 2021
Answered: Philip Brown on 25 Nov 2021
Confusion matrix looking bad in my process but it has good accuracy result. Error on test data is 0.171886. I tried to be careful for my data distribution is to be good. What do you think about the problem?
Thanks and Regards.

Answers (1)

Philip Brown
Philip Brown on 25 Nov 2021
It looks like your network is just predicting all observations into class 5. If your test dataset is very unbalanced, so nearly everything is class 5, this could lead to OK test accuracy, but the model is functioning poorly. You may want to try some sort of alternative sampling of your unbalanced data, e.g. take multiple observations from classes 1-4 for every observation of class 5. See this MATLAB Answers post for a few links and ideas.

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