Identify between different Images using Segmentation, Texture analysis and other basic methods

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What is the algorithm/steps to follow to identify between different types of images (CT of head vs CT of chest) using methods like Segmentation, Texture analysis etc. without using ML methods?

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Yusuf Suer Erdem
Yusuf Suer Erdem on 15 Nov 2021
It is a good idea to classify the images by using SVM. Later by using predict command, we could guess which image is it. Good luck

yanqi liu
yanqi liu on 15 Nov 2021
sir,may be use cnn or lstm to get some classify models

Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 15 Nov 2021
Why without using Machine Learning methods (like SVM, CNN, deep learning)?
You can see the answers all suggested ML methods.
You might be able to do it with traditional non-ML methods doing stuff like shape recognition. For example the area of the chest cross section will be larger than the head or neck cross sectional areas. The methods to use really depend on what kind of images you want to analyze.




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