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Matlab quiver3 will not plot my matrices properly

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I used the student version at my university and created plots easily. I purchased MATLAB student suite and I cannot for the life of me figure out how to plot my matrices properly. The image will not display my 'Z-axis' values at all. This is highly frustrating. I didn't think there was a setting anywhere since I just plot my variables.
The two images I'm uploading are what it should be... with the correct 0-30 metre values and the other does not produce this at all.
Can anyone help?
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Star Strider
Star Strider on 15 Oct 2014
Clicking on the image icon for 3d copy.jpg indicates that it has errors and cannot be displayed. You might want to upload it again, perhaps in .png format.

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Accepted Answer

Andrew Bliss
Andrew Bliss on 15 Oct 2014
Only the second image shows up. Did you load the data with the same method, and issue the plot command as shown? It might be easier to help if you show what you're getting now.
Jack B
Jack B on 15 Oct 2014
Oh okay. Here is what it should be I believe from what I plotted over the summer on my school's matlab:
I did load the data with the same method and the plot command I showed in the first image.
Jack B
Jack B on 15 Oct 2014
Here is my plot for the axes. As you can see it plots very similar to the image it's supposed to plot without the vectors. So the big question is why do the vectors not line up as this... obviously with magnitude and direction.

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