What's the problem with this simple anonymous function?

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Here's an simple code:
clear all; clc; close all;
n = 1:3;
for i = 1:numel(n) %numel is used if someother time I'll use negative values for n
f = @(x) x.^n;
hold on;
f1 = @(x) x.^(1/n);
hold on;
The function "f" is running OK but "f1" is generating graphics error. For one value of n like:
f1 = @(x) x.^(1/2);
It generates the plot, but not in the loop.
Please let me know what's wrong?

Accepted Answer

Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 10 Nov 2021
You likely meant to use n(i) in your functions, not n. Another option would be to use 1./n instead of 1/n.
n = 1:3
n = 1×3
1 2 3
y = 1./n
y = 1×3
1.0000 0.5000 0.3333
z = 1/n(2)
z = 0.5000
w = 1/n
Error using /
Matrix dimensions must agree.
Muhammad Usman
Muhammad Usman on 7 Dec 2021
Thanks, sometimes a simpler logic never clicks into the mind
Muhammad Usman
Muhammad Usman on 7 Dec 2021
One thing more to ask how to adjust legend for array n
n = 1:10;
f = @(x) x.^n;
hold on;
xlim([0 10])
The output I got:
How to correct it?
Thanks in advance

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