Why Is Matlab So Slow On My System ?

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Jay on 11 Oct 2014
Edited: Michael Melnychuk on 28 Jan 2015
Matlab never used to be so slow on my system and I can not figure out why the processing speed is lagging.
I am running Windows 8.1.
The laptops processor is 2.0 GHz Intel Core i7, RAM = 16.0 GB OS is 64 bit
When running Nortons it states that Matlab is only using 1% of the CPU.
I cant understand why its lagging and any insight would be appreciated.

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Jan on 19 Oct 2014
The profiler is the tool to find out, which commands take the time.

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Jan on 11 Oct 2014
You do not provide any details, such that an answer is not possible.
Perhaps the virus scanner uses 99% of the processing time. Or Matlab accesses a large file on the hard disk, which is dramatically defragmented. Or the M-files are stored on a network drive and the network is exhausted by other programs. There could be many reasons and wild guessing is inefficient.

Jay on 11 Oct 2014
The virus scanner uses 1% also.
The .M file is on a portable hard drive and the script isn't very intensive (used on uni computer and a lot faster).
Has anyone else noticed a slowdown when running windows 8.1?
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Jan on 19 Oct 2014
Please use the answer section for answers only. Is this a comment to my answer?

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Jay on 19 Oct 2014
Does the processing time lag considerably when reading the files in (xlsread command)?
I found when I write commands in the workspace it returns the answers almost instantaneously.

Michael Melnychuk
Michael Melnychuk on 28 Jan 2015
Edited: Michael Melnychuk on 28 Jan 2015
I don't know man, matlab is soooper slow on my computer. It is usually quick when it first starts up but then after a couple hours it can take up to 10 minutes to plot a figure. I thought maybe it was a virus so I shut off the internet and then 300 figures popped up, matlab crashed and so did google chrome. not sure what's going on...I'm on Mac OSx by the way

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