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Compiling MATLAB applications with LARGEADDRESSAWARE

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I am creating a standalone application using MATLAB Builder Ex (Release 2014a). Due to high memory requirements inside the Matlab application, I am supplying mbuild with /LARGEADDRESSAWARE flag. However, when I query the available memory (using the MATLAB function "memory"), the "MemAvailableAllArrays" and "VirtualAddressSpaceAvailable" are about 1.2 GB. These values do not change whether the /LARGEADDRESSAWARE flag is present or not. Shouldn't the available memory increase when using the /LARGEADDRESSAWARE flag during build?

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Siddharth Sundar
Siddharth Sundar on 13 Oct 2014
If you are running it on a 32 bit OS, then your applications are limited to using 2GB and the rest of it used by the OS in itself. However, using a system wide 3GB switch, this can be changed to allow applications to use up to 3GB and even this may not guarantee that you see the available memory increase when the LARGEADDRESSAWARE flag is used because, this increased memory could be distributed in different ways depending on the applications you have running.
On the other hand, if you are running it on a 64 bit OS, it could be that the available memory increase is limited by the hardware itself (available RAM space).

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