Simulink Error "Attempt to extract field 'p1' from 'mxArray'"

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I'm creating a parabolic curve fit then trying to send the parameters to another function block. It works in Matlab, but when I put it into function block
function coefficients = my_block(Start, Steps, Setpoint)
coefficients = [0;0;0];
x = [0; Steps; Steps*2];
y = [Start; Setpoint; Start];
f = fit(x,y,'poly2');
coefficients(1) = f.p1;
coefficients(2) = f.p2;
coefficients(3) = f.p3;
I get the error above. Simple fix?

Answers (1)

Swatantra Mahato
Swatantra Mahato on 8 Nov 2021
Hi Dave,
The output of the extrinsic function 'fit' would be an mxArray, which is likely leading to the error when trying to extract 'p1' in the line
coefficients(1) = f.p1;
You can refer to the following link to work with output of an extrinsic function
Hope this helps


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