How to use classify into App Designer to classify images using a pretrained neural network

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David Estrella
David Estrella on 28 Oct 2021
Answered: Philip Brown on 25 Nov 2021
Hello, I am creating an GUIDE in which i can upload an Image and with a button I want to classify this Image using a pretrained network based in alexnet, if I use classify Function it shows me the error "Error using classify Requieres at least three arguments ". But in the matlab script I can use classify function using only 2 arguments the pretrained network and the image I want to classify

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Philip Brown
Philip Brown on 25 Nov 2021
My guess at what's happening: you're not using the classify function on AlexNet, but calling it on something else. In your screenshot, when you call classify, what's the first input argument? It should be a SeriesNetwork object, but I suspect it's something else. It might be a struct, one of whose fields is the saved network.




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