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UIAxes update error throwing standard exception

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Anyone track down what causes the error sequence:
UIAxes update filed for unknown reason
Caught "std::exception" Exception message is:
device or resource busy: device or resource busy
We're running an AppDesigner GUI we built that can open a new GUI for plotting collected data. Users have been opening multiple instances of the plot sub-app and this seems to have caused the aftermentioned errors, which in turn seem to have stopped timers from running and crashed the main application.
Searches on the forums and web produced unrelated information.
Our conclusion is that the graphics objects have run into a limit on processing/memory capability and we're going to address by limiting users ability to open more than a few custom plot windows.

Answers (1)

Sivani Pentapati
Sivani Pentapati on 7 Dec 2021
Hi Richard,
Here are few possible workarounds you can try
  1. Instead of having multiple plot sub-apps at the same time, you can close the figures and can have only one window open at a time. This can be done by integrating close function into your callback
  2. You can refer to this answer, where a workaround was provided to limit the number of MATLAB figure windows that can be launched
  3. Increasing the system memory that MATLAB uses is another alternative. For more information refer to the workaround provided in the following answer.
If the above solutions don't work, It would be helpful if you could share a sample code which is causing the issue.


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