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David Togonidze
David Togonidze on 27 Oct 2021
Answered: Abhishek Kolla on 10 Nov 2021
guys I have several for loops to generate some angles for me. At the end I sort it out with If statement. I want to store all angles that are true for the if statement. This only gives me the one combination. I want all of them. keep in mind that Thetas (theta1-theta5) can be negative also.
if firstply_F <= 1 & secondply_F <= 1 & thirdply_F <= 1 & fourthply_F <= 1 & fifthply_F <=1 firstply_Fth <= 1 & secondply_Fth <= 1 & thirdply_Fth <= 1 & fourhtply_Fth <= 1 & fifthply_Fth <= 1
z=[theta1 firstply_F];

Accepted Answer

Abhishek Kolla
Abhishek Kolla on 10 Nov 2021
Hi David,
The above issue can be solved using nested if statements so that even if single condition check fail it will not perform the remaining conditional checks. The code snippet is as follows
if condition 1 <=1 && condition 2 <=1
if condition 3 <=1 && condition 4 <=1
%perform the operation required when all conditions are met

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