How can I plot (scatter diagram) three data series at the same time?

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Hans Lipton
Hans Lipton on 27 Oct 2021
Commented: Hans Lipton on 27 Oct 2021
Good day all,
I have following dataset. Now I would like to plot the data using scatter. X axis is temperature and Y axis is molality. The data set includes a wide range of different pressures (0 to 20.000 bar) and I would like to create plots (scatter) in which you can find the temperature-molality diagrams depending with the same pressure value. So e.g. diagram 1 includes all temperature-molality relation with 500 bar, diagram 2 includes all l temperature-molality relation with 1000 bar and so on.
Many thanks for your support.
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Hans Lipton
Hans Lipton on 27 Oct 2021
I am very new to Matlab, so I would be very happy if you could add a code, too. Many thanks!

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Accepted Answer

Johan on 27 Oct 2021
Hello Robert,
You can use conditional statement inside an array call to filter it with your wanted data:
myarray = [500,1,2;500,2,3;500,4,2;1000,4,5;1000,6,7]
myarray = 5×3
500 1 2 500 2 3 500 4 2 1000 4 5 1000 6 7
%filter for 500 in first column
%the conditional statement abs(myarray(:,1)-condition)<eps looks for values of
%myarray that are less than 1 epsilon away from condition
condition = 500;
ans = 3×3
500 1 2 500 2 3 500 4 2
%plot conditional data
plot(myarray(abs(myarray(:,1)-condition)<eps,2), myarray(abs(myarray(:,1)-condition)<eps,3),'x-')
condition = 1000;
plot(myarray(abs(myarray(:,1)-condition)<eps,2), myarray(abs(myarray(:,1)-condition)<eps,3),'x-')
Hope this helps.
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Hans Lipton
Hans Lipton on 27 Oct 2021
I am very happy about your support, this helps a lot. Many thanks, Johan!

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