Are the heat transfer coefficients for the heat exchanger for the fluid or the pipe?

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The Simscape block "Heat Exchanger (G-TL)" has parameters called "Gas-wall heat transfer coefficient" and "Liquid-wall heat transfer coefficient" under its settings for Gas 1 and Thermal Liquid 2 respectively. The unit is (W/m^2 *K). Is this meant to be a property of the pipes holding the fluids or the fluids themselves? The help page didn't seem to have the answer.

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Shanmukha Voggu
Shanmukha Voggu on 28 Oct 2021
Hi Claud,
Heat transfer coefficient depends on both the thermal properties of a medium, the hydrodynamic characteristics of its flow, and the hydrodynamic and thermal boundary conditions and Heat transfer coefficient is not a thermo-physical property for the fluid as it is dependent on the temp gradient at the solid-fluid interface.
Refer this for more information.


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