Convert Cell Array into equation

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ga97cad on 21 Oct 2021
Commented: Stephen on 21 Oct 2021
Hi everyone!
I have a simple question and I have already been looking for an answer that suits my problem here in the community but haven't found anything yet so here I go:
I am reading a .csv file with the function readtable and it works perfectly fine, but there is one column were an quation like this is written: 19*32 for example in each cell. What i want is Matlab to just calculate that equation for each cell of the array, to just get one number. For example for the equation above it would be 608. Matlab reads this column as a Cell Array and I already tried the cell2mat function, but that didn't help me unfortunetly....
I have attached a file with an exmaple of the column that I want to solve.
Thank you for your help and best regards from germany
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Stephen on 21 Oct 2021
Slightly more robust would be to use STR2NUM:
T = readtable('matlab_example.csv','Delimiter',',');
V = cellfun(@str2num, T.flaeche_li_2)
V = 28×1
540 360 324 720 432 414 810 468 540 450

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Accepted Answer

Benjamin on 21 Oct 2021
If C is a cell array containing a MATLAB expression in each cell, then the following code will evaluate the expressions and return a vector of results:
V = cellfun(@(x)eval(x),C);
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ga97cad on 21 Oct 2021
Thank you, Benjamin!! your solution helped me to solve my problem and I marked it as accepted!! best regards, Lukas

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Dave B
Dave B on 21 Oct 2021
I think you could use a combination of cellfun (to run on each cell) and eval (to evaluate the expression):
ans = 8×2 table
flaeche_li_2 evaluated ____________ _________ {'30*18'} 540 {'20*18'} 360 {'18*18'} 324 {'40*18'} 720 {'24*18'} 432 {'23*18'} 414 {'45*18'} 810 {'26*18'} 468
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ga97cad on 21 Oct 2021
Thank you for your quick response!! it worked out and helped me a lot!! best regards, lukas

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