Save mouse movements on figure to table

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Rosanne Hart
Rosanne Hart on 21 Oct 2021
Answered: Shanmukha Voggu on 25 Oct 2021
I need to repeat manually track the shoreline from large numbers of shoreline timestacks (example attached). I have used an app that was mentioned here here as the foundation, and when I save as a .m file and input the following command into it, the app runs and the coordinates of each mouse movement are shown in the text box.
% Create UIAxes
app.UIAxes = uiaxes(app.UIFigure);
imshow('FB_1035.jpg','Parent',app.UIAxes); % this is the code that is inserted.
However, I need to be able to save these pixel coordinates in an array/table within the workspace. Is there a way to do so? It is not necessary for me to use an app to do so, but this seems to be the closest I have gotten to a solution so far.

Answers (1)

Shanmukha Voggu
Shanmukha Voggu on 25 Oct 2021
Hi Rosanne,
I understood that you want to save the cursor co-ordinates into MATLAB workspace. In order to do that, make changes to the traverseFcn as mentioned in the method-1 of this answer. Use assignin to assign the value of the desired variable in the workspace. You may require evalin in the process.
Refer this for more information.
Hope this helps!

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