Not able to use MINGW compiler for C++

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Gagan  Dabole
Gagan Dabole on 18 Oct 2021
Answered: David Fink on 21 Oct 2021
Hi, I am trying to run this example file ( on my PC with Matlab 2021b and I get the following error message even though I have installed the MinGW C/C++ compiler. I have tried to resolve this but was not successful. Please help me.
Gagan  Dabole
Gagan Dabole on 20 Oct 2021
Hi, thank you for your answer. The problem was on my side. C++ compiler was not correctly installed on my PC. I uninstalled Visual Studio and installed the compilers again. It worked! Thanks again.

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Answers (1)

David Fink
David Fink on 21 Oct 2021
As Gagan figured out, the Visual Studio compiler was not correctly installed, and uninstalling + reinstalling it allowed MATLAB to find it.
For reference, here is the page describing how to change MATLAB's default compiler:




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