Plotting y1 and y2 versus time in the same graph with same axis level but both in the same side and different y axis name.

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Dharma Khatiwada
Dharma Khatiwada on 18 Oct 2021
Commented: the cyclist on 18 Oct 2021
I am trying to plot two variables (like speed V_a, & V_b of two cars) versus time. I am trying to use same axis range for both V_a and V_b over the same interval of time. I want to keep both y variables in the left side. But, all I am trying is here distinguishing two plots with differnt color and mentioning name of both speeds in y axis. Please suggest me.

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the cyclist
the cyclist on 18 Oct 2021
Not sure what you mean about "mentioning both speeds in y axis". A more conventional method would be to use a legned. Does this work for you?
% Some pretend data
t = 1:0.05:5;
V_a = t;
V_b = t.^2;
the cyclist
the cyclist on 18 Oct 2021
A different approach that displays the same information would be
% Pretend data
t = 1:0.05:5;
tumorVol = t.^2;
carryCap = t.^2/2;
ylabel('Volume [mm^{3}]')
legend({'Tumor','Carrying capacity'},'Location','SouthEast')
You'll need to decide what will be clearest to your audience.
[Note that I also showed here how to change the location of the legend to the lower-right corner, and how to use an exponent for mm^3.]

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