How change part of a text in fprintf, title and subtitle?

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Hi all,
I need your help. How one can change as needed part of a text in the fprintf, title and subtitle, and leaving the another one fixed.
I would apprteciate any hint on this. Thx.

Accepted Answer

Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 28 Sep 2014
Just blast over it with the new string. I mean, you put the string in there so somehow you know what you put it. So you could just make up a new string
caption1 = sprintf('This is %d', 10);
% Now change it.
caption1 = sprintf('This is %d', 99);
If, for some reason you don't know what's there, then you can retrieve it
existingCaption = get(gca, 'title'); % Or something like that
Then use strfind() or indexing to parse and change the string elements you want changed.
Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 29 Sep 2014
Sure, just do this:
caption1 = 'As you knows: this is the same.';
% Now change it.
caption2 = As you knows: this must change as you need.
or, if you have the first part as a string:
str = caption1 = 'As you knows: ';
caption1 = sprintf('%s this is the same.', str);
% Now change it.
caption2 = sprintf('%s this must change as you need.', str);

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Antonio Trujillo-Ortiz
Antonio Trujillo-Ortiz on 28 Sep 2014
Thanks to Image Analyst and Mohammad. Both answers are useful.
Stephen23 on 29 Sep 2014
Ouch. Better to write a comment as a reply, unless you are actually answering your own question.

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