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How do I use SatelliteScenario Groundstation objects inside of a Parallel Computing Toolbox parfor loop

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I would like to compute access for a groundstation with multiple constellations using the Parallel Computing Toolbox. However, this simple example is not working. What am I doing wrong?
parfor idx = 1:2
startTime = datetime("today");
stopTime = startTime + days(1);
sampleTime = 60;
aScenario = satelliteScenario(startTime, stopTime, sampleTime);
aGroundstation = aScenario.groundStation(0, 0);
Here's the error I am getting:
>> SimpleTest
Error using matlabshared.satellitescenario.GroundStation
Invalid default value for property 'ColorConverter' in class 'matlabshared.satellitescenario.ScenarioGraphic':
Error defining property 'ConvertedColor' of class 'matlabshared.satellitescenario.internal.ColorConverter'. Class named
'' is undefined or does not support property validation.
Error in satelliteScenario/groundStation
Error in SimpleTest (line 1)
parfor idx = 1:2
Thank you!

Accepted Answer

Edric Ellis
Edric Ellis on 15 Oct 2021
Thanks for reporting this problem. You can work around this for now like so:
fetchOutputs(parfevalOnAll(@() delete(figure), 0));

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