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How to create Matlab Simulink Model for Object Detection?

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Hello everyone! I have created a Cascade Classifier for Weapon Detection. The code is working perfectly. Now I want to simulate my code and i have to create a simulink model for the Gun Detection. I have an Input image, and the detector.xml file. I want the Detected image as Output. Can anyone guide me that which block can be used for this purpose? Any help will be highly appreciated. Thanks.

Accepted Answer

Birju Patel
Birju Patel on 1 Oct 2014
Hi Sorath,
You can call the vision.CascadeObjectDetector by using a MATLAB Function block in Simulink. For example:
% MATLAB Function block code
function y = fcn(u) %#codegen
coder.extrinsic('vision.CascadeObjectDetector'); % only supported in simulation
detector = vision.CascadeObjectDetector;
bboxes = step(detector, u);
y = zeros(size(u), 'like',u);
y = insertShape(u, 'rectangle', bboxes); % draw a box around detected object
Note the use of coder.extrinsic. The vision.CascadeObjectDetector is only supported in simulation modes. You won't be able to generate code for the vision.CascadeObjectDetector inside of Simulink.
Hope that helps.
junaed khan
junaed khan on 18 Oct 2018
i need help.i am trying to solve similer tipe of project.please help me
hegel77 on 1 Mar 2020
how do you pass or bring in the xml detector file into the matlab function?
also is there a way to generate code to deploy to android device?

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