How can I control each DAC channel separately?

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Hello. I'm using DAC which has 16 analog output channel. I learned about analogoutput, addchannel and putdata. However, I want to control each channel separately. For example, at first, I put data into the each channel. And at some moment, I want to stop only channel 1, while all other channels are continuing output. I tried to use stop command but it stops all channels. How can I control each DAC channel separately? Please advice me. Thank you.

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Salaheddin Hosseinzadeh
Salaheddin Hosseinzadeh on 4 Sep 2014
Hi Eunji,
As far as I remember, we start the DAQ with start(DAQobject), not each channel separately. Your device may not have such capability at all.
I believe this is the case if you want to use MATLAB analogoutput or analoginput.
One solution I can think of is to pad your data with 0 so, while others are running this will only out put 0.
I don't think if stoping one channel would be possible, unless your device come with this capability built in and then you have to control it writing a code and matlab analogoutput and input will be no help.
Hope I'm wrong though, we will see anyway.
Good Luck!

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