generating aperodic impulse train or triangular pulse or rectangular pulse

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Hello all,
I want to generate aperodic signal of type impulse train or triangular pulse train or rectangular pulses train. i.e. time period b/w samples should vary for every 2 samples. I want to find frequency content from that signal by using FFT. I am new to matlab coding. Could anyone plz explain me how to generate the signal... Rest FFT and signal analysis i can do.
Thanks in advance.
LAKSHMAN on 25 Aug 2014
yes i have.. but when i searched for any wave it is showing only periodic signals..

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Accepted Answer

Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 26 Aug 2014
Attached is my triangle wave demo. Feel free to adapt it as needed.

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Rick Rosson
Rick Rosson on 23 Aug 2014
doc rectpuls
doc tripuls
doc pulstran
LAKSHMAN on 26 Aug 2014
I have studied these docs.. Understood more compared to previous.. Thank you Rick..

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W. Owen Brimijoin
W. Owen Brimijoin on 25 Aug 2014
It's a bit hard to know exactly what parameters you are after, but if all you are doing is making a click train with randomly chosen interstimulus intervals (ISI), then you may be able to get there by creating a vector with randomly chosen integers drawn uniformly from a range.
isi_range = [10 100]; %range from smallest to largest isi (in samples)
num_clicks = 100; %number of clicks you want
%figure out when your clicks are:
click_times = cumsum(randi(isi_range,num_clicks,1));
%set an empty variable to 1 at those points:
signal(click_times) = 1;

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