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Regarding Image Processing - nlfilter, blockproc, colfilt

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BenL on 20 Aug 2014
Hi all, I'm currently running a script that requires a sliding window through an image. For each window, I have to compute the histogram equalization to apply to it.
I've explored nlfilter, blockproc and colfilt for this purpose.
When I executed nlfilter in this manner:
A=nlfilter(B,[3 3],fun);
It says that: Assignment has more non-singleton rhs dimensions than non-singleton subscripts.
And when I try to run blkproc():
b=blkproc(B,[3 3],fun);
While the code runs well, but the end result is not what i am supposed to get, it sort of outlines the edges for some reason.
I believe its possible to run nlfilter with a sliding window based on histeq from each window, but I just cannot figure out whats going wrong.
Just a question, i read that colfilt is unable to accept histeq as function, is it true?
Thanks guys for your advice. Much appreciated.
Regards Corse


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