How to reduce space between ylabel and y ticks in Matlab plot?

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How to reduce the space between y-label and y-ticks, in other words how to closer the y-label to y-axis.

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Subhodh Sharma
Subhodh Sharma on 25 Sep 2021
Edited: Subhodh Sharma on 25 Sep 2021
You can use the below command..
ylh=ylabel('ylabel'); % adding ylabelto figure
ylh.Position(1)=ylh.Position(1)-dy; % you can change 'dy' according to your need. dy=+ve, will move the label from y axis. dy=-ve , will move the label closer to the axis.
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 26 Sep 2021
Are you using R2015a or earlier? That would be important information to know for the purposes of this question !!

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yanqi liu
yanqi liu on 26 Sep 2021
Edited: Walter Roberson on 26 Sep 2021
sir, my be you can ref the follow code, please check
clc; clear all; close all;
hs = get(gca, 'XLabel');
pos = get(hs, 'Position');
pos(2) = pos(2)+0.2;
set(hs, 'Position', pos)
hs = get(gca, 'YLabel');
pos = get(hs, 'Position');
pos(1) = pos(1)+0.2;
set(hs, 'Position', pos)
Ammy on 27 Sep 2021
Thank you very much, but its work for ezplot,
I want to do it for plot(x,y,..)
How can I use above for that?

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