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MathWorks Raspbian image (mathworks​_raspbian_​R21.1.0.zi​p) does not contain ROS installation

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MathWorks Raspbian image ( does not contain ROS installation contrary to what is described at various places in the documentation. If ROS has to be manually installed on RPi, then what version should be used? Any tutorials available? Thanks

Accepted Answer

Swatantra Mahato
Swatantra Mahato on 9 Nov 2021
Hi Muhammad,
I was able to find ros installation in the 'mathworks_raspbian_R21.1.0' image from the github repository (it is present in /opt/ros).
The MathWorks Raspbian image consists of the corresponding official Raspbian image along with additional libraries as required by the MATLAB and Simulink Raspberry Pi Support Packages.
You can modify the existing Raspbian OS by using the OS Customization workflow during the hardware setup (in the 'Select Linux Operating System' step) and following the instructions in the wizard to install the required libraries.
Hope this helps

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