How can I obtain 20 frames of noise?

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Rahul Shah
Rahul Shah on 20 Sep 2021
Edited: Rahul Shah on 21 Sep 2021
Each noise has a mean of 40 and standard deviation of 25. How can I show any one copy of the noise to enhance it for display purpose and the histogram distribution of that noise.

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William Rose
William Rose on 20 Sep 2021
@Rahul Shah, do your frames have one or two dimensions? I will assume you mean 2D frames. Let's assume each frame is 32x32. The mean and s.d. you have specified will cause some array values to be negative. If the values represent image intensities, then negative values are non-sensical, and you should adjust the mean and SD accordingly.
fprintf('A: mean=%.3f, s.d.=%.3f, min=%.3f, max=%.3f\n',mean(B),std(B),min(B),max(B));
A: mean=39.958, s.d.=24.929, min=-3.300, max=83.301
A9=A(:,:,9); %frame 9

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