How to open .m file in App Designer or transform .m file to MATLAB APP file(.mlapp file)

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In App Designer, there is a "export as .m file" option in "save" button. So, I want to export .mlapp file to .m file where I can use Git to manage my code.But I can't find how to open a .m file in App Designer or transform a .m file to .mlapp file.
English is not my native language, please excuse me!

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Ananya Tewari
Ananya Tewari on 21 Sep 2021
There is no easy way to import the exported "m" file into AppDesigner. The "mlapp" file is a structure which contains metadata and XML files, whereas, the "m" file contains only the code. In order to directly import the app file, the metadata and the XML files would be needed, which are not present in the "m" file.
If you are looking to manage your .MLAPP code using Git please refer to this answer which breifly explains how we can use Git inside MATLAB.

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