If statement gives wrong result

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Xinjie Qian
Xinjie Qian on 17 Sep 2021
Answered: Shanmukha Voggu on 29 Sep 2021
So I have the follwing Matlab code:
if isKey(containers.Map(str2, str),hasher("YR_.1EC9", 'Algorithm', 'SHA256'))
fprintf('You can use this name')
if I run it, it tells me
You can use this name>>
. But if I seperately excute :
isKey(containers.Map(str2, str),hasher("YR_.1EC9", 'Algorithm', 'SHA256'))
It tells me
ans =
I'm so confused as if the logical statement is 1, shouldn't the if statement gives me 'no'?
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KSSV on 17 Sep 2021
If it is logical 1 then it should say No. But check while you run the code did you overwrite any variable such that answer is 1. You better run in debug mode and check,

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Answers (1)

Shanmukha Voggu
Shanmukha Voggu on 29 Sep 2021
Hi Xinjie,
There may be several reasons for this issue
1)For example if you wrote the code that is going to make changes to str2 variable after the if-else-end, this might change the output of the isKey function when you run it
2)if the hasher function output is not same when executing it multiple times with the same input
if above statements cannot resolve the issue, then try debugging using the breakpoints. We need some more information about the code in order to reproduce and further investigate the issue
Refer to this for more information.




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