I am trying to find a two maximum Area of the lung in a binary image showing below. Thats mean the two Area of the biggest lung what code should I use ? thank you :)

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Harikrishnan Balachandran Nair
Edited: Harikrishnan Balachandran Nair on 20 Sep 2021
From my understanding , you want to find the values of largest two areas in the image. You can use the 'regionprops' function to compute properties of connected components in the input binary image. In this case, the property parameter can be set to 'area', and the largest two areas can be found out by sorting the output returned by regionprops function in descending order. The following code can be used for the same.
Now, the first two values in the array 'areasorted' will give the areas of objects having the maximum two areas in the image.

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