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How do I get my current systemtargetfile details using matlab command?

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I am using custome SW in matlab called OpenECU it is a block set in order to create a SW for ECUs. I am planning to write a script that reads system target file in code generation . OpenECU supports two openecu_grt.tlc and openecu_ert.tlc. My goal is to get this as an output of matlab command. Can you suggest a command that help me acheive this?

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Swatantra Mahato
Swatantra Mahato on 14 Oct 2021
Hi Neelkanth,
It is my understanding that you have a model in Simulink and want to get programatically the tlc file used in code generation between 'openecu_grt.tlc' and 'openecu_ert.tlc'.
One way of doing this would be to use the 'get_param' function as
For examples on using the get_param function you can refer the documentation link below
Hope this helps


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