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Make 3d sphere plot from net of sphere

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sarel aharoni
sarel aharoni on 15 Sep 2021
Commented: sarel aharoni on 19 Sep 2021
Hey I had 360*180 matrix that hold bw image present field of view of camera (azimuth and elevation) I want the plot the field of view on 3d sphere plot...How can i do it?Try to use sph2cart, but get confused... thanks.

Accepted Answer

KSSV on 15 Sep 2021
clc; clear all ;
I = imread('cameraman.tif') ;
[m,n] = size(I) ;
[X,Y,Z] = sphere(m-1,n-1) ;
sarel aharoni
sarel aharoni on 19 Sep 2021
Hay KSSV If i make all '0' spots NaN before draw it will work? And the no-plot the part of sphere?

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