Is the TX2 NX and TX2i included in compatible NVIDIA boards for MATLAB Coder?

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Georgia on 9 Sep 2021
As part of a project we are a looking at using the TX2 NX, later changing to a TX2i board but want to make sure that they are both compatible with MATLAB Coder/Simulink Coder.
Other boards are outlined here but aren't clear whether different versions of the board are included:
Any clarification or direction would be much appreciated.

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Ramakrishna Mandalapu
Ramakrishna Mandalapu on 16 Sep 2021
Hi Georgia,
Thanks for reaching out to us through MATLAB Answers.
The boards mentioned in the documentation are officially tested with the MathWorks Tools (Simulink Coder, MATLAB Coder, GPU Coder and the support package).
The Jetson TX2i board is based on the Tegra X2 SoC as the Jetson TX2 we had tested and listed as the supported board in our documentation. The Jetson TX2i board supports all the NVIDIA tools and SDK released for their Jetson products. The Jetson TX2i board is designed for the industrial applications. The difference between the regular Jetson TX2 and Jetson TX2i board is that the later can withstand the extreme environment conditions [NVIDIA's comparision on their Jetson modules]. So, targeting the Jetson TX2i board from MATLAB or SImulink is no different than the Jetson TX2. Since we didn't test it at our end so we can't assure you about smooth workflows on this board. However, you need to maintain the suggested software tools on the board like Jetpack SDK, CUDA, cuDNN, TensorRT and other third-party tools as suggested by our documentation.
Simillary, targeting Jetson TX2 NX also no different than the Jetson TX2 because it is also based on the Tegra X2 SoC. The difference is in the form factor of the board and onboard interfaces and sensors. So, in theory it should work with the MathWorks tools Simulink Coder, MATLAB Coder and GPU Coder.
You can start from this page for targeting the Jetson boards from MathWorks Tools.

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