Index in position 2 exceeds array bounds.

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Zain Achmad
Zain Achmad on 31 Aug 2021
Commented: Walter Roberson on 31 Aug 2021
[ciri_latihZ,muZ,sigmaZ] = zscore(ciri_latih);
% pca
[coeff,score_latih,latent,tsquared,explained] = pca(ciri_latihZ);
% inisialisasi variabel kelas_latih
kelas_latih = cell(jumlah_file,1);
% mengisi nama2 sayur pada variabel kelas_latih
for k=1:300
kelas_latih{k} = 'Angry';
for k=301:600
kelas_latih{k} = 'Disgust';
for k=601:900
kelas_latih{k} = 'Fear';
for k=901:1200
kelas_latih{k} = 'Happy';
for k=1201:1500
kelas_latih{k} = 'Neutral';
for k=1501:1800
kelas_latih{k} = 'Sad';
for k=1801:2100
kelas_latih{k} = 'Surprise';
% ekstrak PC1 & PC2
PC1 = score_latih(:,1);
PC2 = score_latih(:,2);
PC3 = score_latih(:,3);
PC4 = score_latih(:,4);
PC5 = score_latih(:,5);
% klasifikasi menggunakan knn
Mdl = fitcecoc([PC1,PC2,PC3,PC4,PC5],kelas_latih);
i got some error on line 82 at "PC1 = score_latih(:,1);" it says Index in position 2 exceeds array bounds. and i don't know to solve it, and the program not get that error before
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 31 Aug 2021
You could get that error if ciri_latih is empty.
For example it might be a global variable that you did not initialize.

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