Number of Bacteria.

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Saumya Singh
Saumya Singh on 27 Aug 2021
Answered: CHIRAG PATEL on 20 Jan 2022
. The number N of bacteria in a culture grew at a rate proportional to N. The value of N was initially 100 and increased to 332 in 1 hr. The governing equation is dN dt = log(3.32)N, N(0) = 100. What is the value of N at time t = 1.5 hr.

Accepted Answer

Wan Ji
Wan Ji on 27 Aug 2021
Here you can use symbolic solution
syms N(t) t
eq = diff(N)==log(3.32)*N
N = dsolve(eq,N(0)==100)
N_1dot5_hour = eval(subs(N,t,1.5))
Result becomes
N_1dot5_hour =
So the value of N at time t = 1.5 hr is approximately 605.
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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 27 Aug 2021
@Saumya Singh some professors use plagiarism detectors so be careful about submitting Wan Ji's solution as your own original work for your homework. If you get caught, you could be in trouble.

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CHIRAG PATEL on 20 Jan 2022
If the growth rate of a culture of bacteria is proportional to the number of bacteria present and after 1 day is 1.25 times the original number, within what interval of time will the number of bacteria (a) double, (b) triple?


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