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Why I failed to create a standalone application using Application Compiler?

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I tried to create a standalone application from the m script below using Application Compiler with the "package options" set to be "runtime downloaded from web", but an error occured during the "package" process.
This is the error.
Failed to create the install agent URL file
File does not exist: D:\Program Files\MATLAB R2021a\VersionInfo.xml
My MATLAB version is R2021a, and my license was bought by my university. How can I remove this error?

Accepted Answer

Sivani Pentapati
Sivani Pentapati on 29 Sep 2021
From what I have understood, you want to package an application using Application Compiler but are facing issues with agent URL file. One possible root cause of this problem would be antivirus software (Windows Defender or others) preventing the creation of agent URL file, by locking either the resource file, or the installer EXE.
Possible Workarounds
  1. Disable any antivirus software running in the system. Or you can configure the antivirus software to white list the app and the generated installer, magicsquare.exe
  2. Another workaround is compiling the standalone application by using mcc. For more information, please refer to the documentation of mcc to compile MATLAB functions from command line.

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