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how to use iccread if the image contains no profile

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It's possible to read the icc profile from an image using iccread, e.g.
P = iccread('test.tif')
However, if the image contains no profile the above code returns an error. How can we test for whether an image contains a profile before using iccread.

Accepted Answer

Simon Chan
Simon Chan on 18 Aug 2021
Check the MATLAB documentation: iccread
The file can be either an ICC profile file or a TIFF file containing an embedded ICC profile. To determine if a TIFF file contains an embedded ICC profile, use the imfinfo function to get information about the file and look for the ICCProfileOffset field in the output.
Stephen Westland
Stephen Westland on 18 Aug 2021
For anyone else who might be interested, this was my solution
im = imfinfo(F);
if isfield(im,'ICCProfileOffset')
% read profile
% assume sRGB

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