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How can I set different intervals of y axes limits for the same curve?

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I have the following set of data:
y=[1:8, 90 92];
I want to plot (x,y) in order to highlight both the variability within 0 and 10, and the variability within 85 and 95. I would need to draw two intervals of the y axis on the same plot, such as ylim([0 10]...[85 95]), but it doesn't seem to be possible. Any help?

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Namita Vishnubhotla
Namita Vishnubhotla on 22 Jul 2014
You can use the “BreakPlot” function to plot data that span two distinct ranges of your dependent variable. The function allows you to break the y-axis to reflect the different ranges.
Follow this link for a File Exchange article on BreakPlot:
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Marcello on 23 Jul 2014
Thanks Namita, very useful. But what if I have y=[1:8, 1000 2000]? I would have to set up two different scales for the yaxis. One that goes from 0:10 and another that goes, say, 1000:500:2000, so that the variability between 0 and 10 is still visible...but BreakPlot doesn't let me do that... Do you know a solution for this further issue?

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li jiaxing
li jiaxing on 27 Jun 2017
Did you solve your problem? I have this problem now and I get the figure using Originlab software. But I want to solve it in matlab, can you help me?

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