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How to execute .exe file at linaro ubuntu(ARM processor)

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I made GUI of .exe file on Window 7. And then I tried to execute .exe file on linaro ubuntu linux(ARM proessor). But I can't install matlab for linux S/W and MCRinstaller for linux.
Isn't MCR installer or Matlab installed on linaro ubuntu(ARM processor)?
I want to know how to execute .exe file on linaro ubuntu.
Please let me know how to execute....
Thank you for reading.

Answers (1)

Shashank Prasanna
Shashank Prasanna on 21 Jul 2014
Firstly .exe executable files are specific to Windows OS, they won't run on Linux unless you use an emulator such as wine.
Currently, to the best of my knowledge, MCR is not available for ARM architectures yet, hence there is no way to run your windows GUI on linux running on ARM.


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