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Problem in using S- function builder

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hana on 18 Jul 2014
Answered: KDN on 21 Mar 2015
I faced problem with development our AP(Autopilot) using MPC555, actually I had logical problem in our Navigation Block, So I used S function builder to handle the NAV Block, but I shocked that new problem occur which is the System will restart after period of time when I turn on it and enable the Navigation part.
I have confused at some points:
1- Same used Code of NAV at the S- function builder will cause the restart of the system, but the m- function will not, why may this happened ?
2- Same Code of NAV using m- and S- function will generate different result, is it possible? Or may something is going wrong?
3- What are the differences between persistent variable at m- function with Static variable at the S- function?
4- Is it overhead to define long matrix with persistent or static property?
5- I notice that when I use the Static variables in S- function to save waypoints the restart problem will occur very early, why ? is there any reason for this?
6- What are the major differences between the S-function builder and m-function? Specially for target support processor development. Which one is the recommended function?
Any help please,

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KDN on 21 Mar 2015
Hello is yours problem get solved , I am also facing same problem

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