Specifying function names in generated code using emlc

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How do I specify what name emlc will assign to a function that it generates? I'm looking for something like the eml.cstructname function to specify what name I want it to use in the generated code. Right now, it prepends something like 'm_pref2_' to the function name. But, I am generating functions to be called by code that is already written.
emlc will assign a predictable name to the top-level function. But, if I make that function a subfunction and generate code, emlc changes the name of my function.
I could generate code for each function separately, but then I have to deal with different versions of common supporting functions, like mldivide, or functions with variable size inputs.

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Fred Smith
Fred Smith on 22 Aug 2011
Hi Todd,
You can specify multiple top-level functions to EMLC. Each top-level entry point will have the name you gave it in your MATLAB code.
It is not a good idea to rely on the names EMLC uses internally as these may change arbitrarily as you update your code.
Good luck.


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