Mupad on Mac; exporting graphics to disk

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Wilhelm on 15 Feb 2011
Closed: MATLAB Answer Bot on 20 Aug 2021
In Mupad 4 (the old standalone version of Mupad) the following statement exports a graphic to the desktop of my Mac:
myimages:="/Users/administrator/Desktop/": plot(plot::Function2d(x^2,x=-1..1),OutputFile=myimages."image_1.jpg");
The same statement when called from Mupad 5.5 (Matlab 2010b) gives an error:
Error: cannot launch mupad process [vcam::new]
Any suggestions? Regards Wilhelm

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Martin Knelleken
Martin Knelleken on 16 Feb 2011
Hi Wilhelm,
I checked
myimages:="/tmp/": plot(plot::Function2d(x^2,x=-1..1),OutputFile=myimages."image_1.jpg");
on my Mac in MATLAB 2010b and it works as expected.
However, if I choose a directory where I don't have write permissions or which doesn't exist I get the same error message as you. E.g. myimages:="/Users/NameOfAnotherUser/":
Aside from the fact that the error message is confusing and unhelpful in this case it seems that you don't have write access to /Users/administrator/Desktop/.
- Martin

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