SImple question about Simulink S function

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Hello all
How in S function I can obtain:
U(t2) is the velocity at current time step and U(t1) is the velcity at previous time step
Please guide
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Sameer on 18 Jun 2014
Basically objective is to obtain the step size used during the particular iteration. Please guide!!!

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Kaustubha Govind
Kaustubha Govind on 19 Jun 2014
You can use block.CurrentTime to get the current time in the S-function. You can use a DWork to store the current time at each step and use it in the next step to compute the difference.
Sameer on 21 Jun 2014
Edited: Sameer on 21 Jun 2014
Hello....Thank you for letting me know. I tried to write the s function though its running but I guess something is wrong in time,not sure though. Can you have a look and let me know whether I did it in the right manner or not.
function msfcn_equation_trans(block)
function setup(block)
block.NumDialogPrms = 2;
%%Register number of input and output ports
block.NumInputPorts = 1;
block.NumOutputPorts = 1;
%%Setup functional port properties to dynamically
block.InputPort(1).DirectFeedthrough = false;
%block.InputPort(2).DirectFeedthrough = false;
%%Set block sample time to inherited
block.SampleTimes = [-1 0];
%%Set the block simStateCompliance to default (i.e., same as a built-in block)
block.SimStateCompliance = 'DefaultSimState';
%%Run accelerator on TLC
%%Register methods
block.RegBlockMethod('SetInputPortDimensions', @SetInpPortDims);
block.RegBlockMethod('PostPropagationSetup', @DoPostPropSetup);
block.RegBlockMethod('InitializeConditions', @InitConditions);
block.RegBlockMethod('Outputs', @Output);
%block.RegBlockMethod('Update', @Update);
function DoPostPropSetup(block)
%%Setup Dwork
block.NumDworks = 2;
block.Dwork(1).Name = 'Intial';
block.Dwork(1).Dimensions = 3;
block.Dwork(1).DatatypeID = 0;
block.Dwork(1).Complexity = 'Real';
block.Dwork(1).UsedAsDiscState = true;
block.Dwork(2).Name = 'time';
block.Dwork(2).Dimensions = 1;
block.Dwork(2).DatatypeID = 0;
block.Dwork(2).Complexity = 'Real';
block.Dwork(2).UsedAsDiscState = true;
function InitConditions(block)
%%Initialize Dwork
block.Dwork(1).Data = block.DialogPrm(2).Data;
function SetInpPortDims(block, idx, di)
block.InputPort(idx).Dimensions = di;
block.OutputPort(1).Dimensions = di*4;
function Output(block)
[F]=fsolve(@(X) hope(X,block.Dwork(1).Data,TD,10),X);
block.OutputPort(1).Data =F;
%function Update(block)
block.Dwork(2).Data = block.CurrentTime;
where hope is a function returning the 4 equations.
Hope to get further guidance.

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