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Future Science
Future Science on 10 Aug 2011
Commented: Omer Yuval on 18 Oct 2020
My GUI tool is thus organized:
1) input_screen.m, where the user can only enter numeric values;
2) callbacks of various scripts and functions;
3) Plots and numeric results.
Instead of visualizing plots and numeric results within Matlab's main window, I want to show them in a results_screen.m kind of window.
I've been reading various help files, such as "Making multitple GUIs work together" and "Sharing Data Among a GUI's Callbacks" and I've asked previously here, but I can't find a proper workaround for my GUI.
For example, I've created axes within the results_screen.m
Now how can I use them to show my plots?
I can't figure it out how to put these commands: fig = figure(); ax = axes('Parent',fig); plot(ax,X,Y);
Same for uitable('Style' 'text') where I want to show my numeric results.
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Omer Yuval
Omer Yuval on 18 Oct 2020

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Amir Hamzah UTeM
Amir Hamzah UTeM on 10 Aug 2011
im also beginner with matlab. However my way to show a data in other window GUI is like this.
1. i save all the value that input from input_screen.m in MAT files
save VALUE a b c
2. i create new button to open the new window for results_screen GUI
3. i load from previous saved MAT files in results_screen then i can use that value to plot at axes in results_screen window.
load VALUE
That my way,hope it will help you.
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Future Science
Future Science on 12 Aug 2011
Very easy and useful tip! Thx a lot!

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Fangjun Jiang
Fangjun Jiang on 10 Aug 2011
Edited: John Kelly on 27 Feb 2015
Go to this page and click Axes, you will find a good example. By the way, the same info is in the MATLAB document. Type doc and on the left column, click MATLAB->Creating Graphical User Interfaces ... and so on.
And a quick example:
h_axes=axes('parent',fig,'position',[.2 .2 .7 .7]);


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