pdbsuperpose, molviewer, PDB, dimension mismatch

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Haleh on 13 Jun 2014
Dear All,
I am using this command line to superpose two PDB structures: [Dist, RMSD, Transf, PBD2TX] = pdbsuperpose(str1,'3SHI','segment',{'106-261:A', '106-261:A'},'apply','chain'); and I am getting following errors each time, which none of them are the case: Error using molviewer (line 161) Encountered error while reading the PDB structure. Subscripted assignment dimension mismatch.
Error in pdbsuperpose (line 362) h = molviewer(pdbCombo);
Error using pdbsuperpose>localReadInput (line 420) The input must be a PDB formatted MATLAB structure of data, a PDB file, or a valid PDB ID.
Error in pdbsuperpose (line 129) pdbStruct1 = localReadInput(PDB1);
The dimension specified are the same and bothe structures are valid PDB codes. Any help is highly appreciated.

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