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Marc on 11 Jun 2014
Answered: fhz on 10 Feb 2020
hey guys,
i created some code on matlab for calculate some formulas. the output values are in a 3x2, 3x1, 2x2 matrix. for example voltage u_11, u_12 etc...
with every time i run the .m file of my calculation for sure the variables change their values in cause of other inputs.
all in all i want to write in latex in the align-mode line under line u_12= 5 V \\ u_13= 7 V \\ and so on....
it would be stupid to copy all the values with the cursor and fill it in manually.
how can i create a file with the values in a matrix and then write in latex
u_12= data(u_12) where data is the file which is created by matlab.
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José-Luis on 11 Jun 2014
You could create strings in Matlab with the Latex commands you require, save as a text file and insert a pointer to that text file in your Latex document.

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fhz on 10 Feb 2020
Hi Marc.
I've had the same issues you have, then I wrote some code to facilitate the process.
I may indicate for you my Matlab to LaTeX Library and also my File Manipulation Library.
Any suggestions are appreciated.

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