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Bhimasen on 27 May 2014
Answered: rifat on 27 May 2014
I am currently working on a project entitled "CBIR using wavelets and correlation." In this color feature vector of a query image is extracted and compared with the color fv's of other images in database using correlation function. But I am facing a difficulty in displaying the results. I have a code of it. Kindly try to help me out.. Thank You
fvc1= color fv of query; fvc_i=color fv of i th image in database(i=1:60, coz my database has 60 images); r=correlation coeff of fvc1 and fvc_i;
  • *Here is the prob:if r>.95 figure(1) subplot(8,8,i); imshow(i); title('Image with accuracy more than 95%');elseif r>.8&&r<.95 figure(2) subplot(8,8,i); imshow(i); title('Image with accuracy between 80%- 95%');end;If i execute this code, the error is:"Index exceeds number of subplots."
Kindly help me

Answers (1)

rifat on 27 May 2014
you are using i as an index, then displaying it as an image using imshow.. what it 'i'? If it is an image, then use a different index


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