Simulink Subsystem Simple problem

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Hello guys,
I have three subsystems each one with two ouputs, all the outputs are the same, S1 and S2. I want to assign these outputs to two outputs. For example, these subsystems are self excluding, in other words, each subsystem has only two outputs at a time. So I want to assign these two outputs to be the final two outputs. Simulink does not allow me to choose three outputs of the same name. How I perform this?
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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 10 May 2014
Assing? Perhaps you mean assign. If so, you should correct it to minimize the chuckles at your post.

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Accepted Answer

Danilo NASCIMENTO on 10 May 2014
Actually I already solved it.

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abidi Mohamed
abidi Mohamed on 25 Aug 2014
I want to put two subsystems in the same system the first sub syeteme must have a continuous sipmle time the second must have a dicrete sipmle time Can you help me?

Danilo NASCIMENTO on 25 Aug 2014
you may put them both using a discrete time.


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