Host/Target Communication and Production Code Generation

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Hi Mathworks, We are using Simulink and Embedded Coder to simulate and generate C code from Models for our control platform. According to Mathworks recomendations we use two models for this approach. One is simulation model, where we create and test referenced Controller model together with Plant simulation. Enother one is a code production model, where referenced Controller model is connected to hardware drivers, implemented as S-functions. So far everything works fine, but I have a question how to improve debug ability of this approach. Once the code is generated, compiled and launched on target hardware, we have almost no possibilites to debug matlab model - we can only observe outputs and inputs of the model, but not internal signals (offcourse we can route them outside the model and connect to hardware I/Os). From other side we have some unused serial and Ethernet Ports in the hardware and we know the signals we want to observe, since they are connected to Scopes in the model. So my question - can we use Host/Target Communication as described here: to implement some kind of debug interface? Ideally it should be like that: we connect PC to target platform using RS232 or ethernet Cable. In MATLAB we generate the code from the model and upload it to our hardware. Then we click connect Button in our Model and all scopes and displays start to be updated with real-time data, retrieved from the running model on target platform over cable. This would be usefull. Can you please confirm if it is possible in my application? Then I can begin to study this.

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