How can I find a connected path on a matrix by Random Search?

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I have a matrix . I want to find a connected path of elements from up to button. I want to do it by random search. As I said I want connected path ,then if it selects element [i,j] in row i , in the next row (i+1) it should select from column j-1 or j or j+1. I want to do it by random search.
I will appreciate your help.

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rifat on 27 Apr 2014
Edited: rifat on 27 Apr 2014
Hope the following function helps.
function[]= randSelection(mat)
[r c]=size(mat);
for row=1:r
col=list(1 + floor(rand() * length(list)));
if l1<1
if l2>c
bkshn on 27 May 2014
Edited: bkshn on 27 May 2014
Hello rifat
thanks for your answers.
when I use columnVector(row)=col; within the loop and run the function in debug mode I can see the index of column, But i don't know how can I have it as output of my function in a vector format like [1;2;3;4;4]?
Could you help me?

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 27 May 2014
Why random? Why not use a function built for it that does it in a systematic way? If you have the Image Processing Toolbox, see Or you could simply use bwlabel() to get a list of all elements on the path.
bkshn on 29 May 2014
Yes You are right. as you see in rifat's code , it selects one random element in each row. but I want to have them as a vector with number of columns. for example I want [3;4;2;1;....] to show me index of columns each random element, I want rifat to explain me more and help me how can I have a vector as output.
Could you help me?
I want to do random search on a matrix to find shortest path.
I'll appreciate your help.

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